Frequently Asked Questions

Question. How long does it take to product a custom piece of furniture?

Every job is different and has different requirements and technicalities. Individual pieces such as custom timer side table or a dining table will take between 3-6 weeks. Full home projects, incorporating custom cabinetry including kitchens, bathrooms and built-in furniture up to 12-weeks may be required.

Question. I have an idea, but need help to imagine to design, can you help?

Of course! We have over 30-years experience helping clients do just that. We can discuss your design and make recommendations with regards to function, style and timber selection.

Question. I have seen something I like in a store or on social media, can you re-create it?

We can certainly try. Bear in mind, at Anglewood Bespoke we specialise is handmade custom solid timber furniture. Many store-bought items are inferior in quality, mass produced and poorly constructed. Our furniture is one of a kind and built to last. Designs featured on social media may have been constructed by other furniture artisans to custom specification. We will be happy to help re-envision a piece to suit your style or requirement.

Question. Do you work with interior designers, drafts-people or architects? 

Yes, we have worked closely with some of Australia’s top industry professionals for many years including award winning architects such as Richard Kirk and Julie Borgelt. It is always a pleasure working with professionals and being a small but pivotal component of amazing projects.

Question. How much will it cost?

The final price of a custom timber furniture creation will depend on a number of factors. These include, the materials and timber selection, the design and the complexity. The beauty of custom design timber furniture is you also benefit from the highest quality materials, expert craftsmanship, locally made pieces from sustainable materials. Custom furniture will always come at a premium on store bought products, but are built for purposes and will last a lifetime.

Usually, we can give you an idea of price estimate from a rough description or sketch. It is best to give us a call to discuss your requirements.